Staying Healthly at Work Staying Healthly at Work

What Can I do?

  • Put together a handbook for managers so that everyone is aware of what is expected from the leaders within your organisation.

  • Organise a lunchtime 5-a-side football match – teams can be representatives from different teams and you can encourage staff to support their colleagues

  • Hold a staff meeting to discuss how the ways of working within your organsiation can be improved. Make sure that the needs of the organistion are considered along with individual needs 

  • Lunchtime walking groups – escape from the workplace and experience the environment outside – take a 30 minute walk to get some gentle exercise and fresh air

  • Encourage managers to have frequent staff meetings/1:1s with staff to discuss progress and possible working improvements

  • Encourage people to take the stairs and not the lift by using our poster template

  • Hold an exercise or yoga class at lunchtime or after work for colleagues to de-stress and keep active – fitness clubs are always willing to help organisations, normally free of charge

  • Hold a ‘no internal email day’ to encourage people to walk to their colleagues to discuss issues and get away from the desk environment

  • Hold a financial advice lunchtime seminar for staff. Financial issues can be a major stress factor for indiviuals.

  • Hold a ‘Spacehop to work’ day – one organisation within our patch has done this successfully!

  • Help prevent Repetitive Strain Injuries with these stretches –

  • Try something new – Horse riding? Paintballing? Meditation? Flower arranging?

  • Have a healthy breakfast morning – many people skip breakfast so give them the opportunity which will make them more alert and productive in the morning

  • Cycle to work, the gym or the cinema – a great body workout which is also eco-friendly

  • Try some ‘desk yoga’ -

  • During your lunch break, hold a short quiz or set a puzzle for the team – that will get your brains in gear!

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