Staying Healthly at Work Staying Healthly at Work

Involve Senior Managers

It is important that senior management is committed to the organisation’s health and wellbeing programme. This doesn’t mean that they have to be involved in every activity or every intervention that takes place, but they must encourage and support the overall health and wellbeing culture.

In order to highlight the benefits of creating a health and wellbeing programme you may wish to put together a Business Case. See our creating a Business Case help page for more information.

Once senior managers have agreed to a health and wellbeing programme it is important to keep them engaged and involved so that there are aware of the actions being taken and what impact these actions are having.

If you are a small organisation where you only have a few people involved in your health and wellbeing programme remember that it is still vital that you have senior management support.

Make sure you keep your management team updated with your progress through frequent updates and feedback.

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