Staying Healthly at Work Staying Healthly at Work

Embed In Your Business

Embed Health and Wellbeing into everyday business

Health and Wellbeing should be embedded throughout your organisation. In order to do this it is important to have an overall Health and Wellbeing strategy. The strategy does not have to be a long document but should set out your direction and scope for the longer term. It should be used to maintain focus on what you set out to do and the direction you wish to travel. There are templates in our resource section which may be a good starting place when putting together your strategy.

One proven way of reducing stress in the workplace is to develop, communicate and implement policy. Let everybody know what is important in your organisation, what they should expect from your organisation and what is and what is not acceptable in your organisation. The policies you create should be dependent upon what is important for your workforce and your customers. Template policies can also be found in our resource section.

See Health Trust Fund UK

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