Staying Healthly at Work Staying Healthly at Work

Create a Health and Wellbeing Programme

A good starting point for creating a health and wellbeing programme is to get together a working group/team to gather ideas and put things in to action.

It is important that all staff are represented in this group - there should be a diverse mix of staff from across the organisation. If all members of this team come from one department it will be difficult to integrate the health and wellbeing programme in to your whole organisation.

This group should also have a link in to senior management, whether this be through the membership or some kind of reporting mechanism.

When you have a working group established it is important to create and plan your health and wellbeing programme. It is a good idea to draw up a plan which will guide your actions over the next 12 months. The plan will ensure that the Health and Wellbeing groups know how and when to focus time and resources. If you do not have a longer term action plan you run the risk of holding meetings with no clear purpose or outcome.

When drawing up your action plan consider the resources you have available and make sure your plans are achievable. Health and Wellbeing programmes do not need a vast amount of financial investment; remember that people and their expertise are a great resource to use. Consider your business case and what you hope to achieve from your programme when writing up your action plan. It is important to ask the staff within your organisation what they would like to see out of their health and wellbeing programme.

Feedback can be attained in numerous different ways, e.g. questionnaires and focus groups. It is important to gain feedback from a diverse mix of employees as this will help you tailor your programme to attract the various members of your workforce.

Your Action Plan should be agreed by both your Working group and your Senior Managers.

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