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Occupational Health Review: Regional Findings

David Maslen- Jones, Department of Health (Occupational Health)Wellbeing Champion for the region, presented the findings from the OH Regional Review carried out during 2010. The full report will be available to download soon.

David also gave an example of good practice highlighting some of the good work taking place with the ‘Everybody Matters’ programme at Mid Essex Hospital Services NHS Trust.

David updated everyone on Boorman’s ‘one year on’ conclusions and talked about the possible future reconfiguration of occupational health services across the NHS.

Click here to download a copy of David’s slides.

OH National Consultation, Musculoskeletal Disorders and Clustering

There were three parallel sessions running in the afternoon.

The slides from David’s update on the OH national consultation are available to download by clicking here. Please contact us if you would like any further information

Helen Potts shared how Papworth is working to reduce their second main cause of long term sickness – musculoskeletal disorders. Click here to dowload a copy of Helen's slides.

Annie gave an overview on some of the work being established by the Staying Healthy at Work business practitioner group around clustering: linking organisations who may wish to share and exchange some health and wellbeing opportunities. Please click here for further information.

Money Advice Services

Mary Graham from the Money Advice Services gave a brief overview of some of the free financial advice services which are available to organisations.

There will be more information on the services offered from the Money Advice Service on the ‘What Can I do?’ pages of our website soon.

April 2011 Champions Network Day

Tuesday 5th April: NHS East of England, Fulbourn

It was really good to see such a good turnout for the first 2011 champions’ network day.

The information on this page gives a brief overview of each presentation, along with copies of slides, however if you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Karen Livingstone, Director of Strategic Partnerships at NHS East of England, opened the day by emphasising the continued importance of the work taking place on the health and wellbeing agenda in the current climate. Karen thanked everyone for the work they were doing within their organisation and highlighted that positive outcomes were being achieved and recognised at a regional level.


Progression & Updates


A Cooper, programme lead, gave an update on Staying Healthy at Work progress across the region. Please see Annie’s slides for the key headlines.

Annie went on to give an overview of sickness absence averages across the region over the previous year, noting that those organisations with strong health and wellbeing foundations in place have, on average, a 1.1% lower sickness absence rate than those which haven’t (based on 10/11 year to date figures from the east of England). Regional figures also show that the sickness absence rate of NHS organisations within the east of England are on average 0.3% lower than those of last year, reflecting a £5m productivity opportunity (based on April – Sept figures 09/10 and 10/11).

The new Staying Healthy at Work accreditation options were outlined demonstrating progression and development opportunity for organisations. Please see accreditation page for more information. Annie added that over half of NHS organisations within the region are now working towards accreditation.
Annie also identified the Staying Healthy programme aims and the offers available to organisations over the next year. Further information is available on the downloadable slides.

Annie concluded her presentation by thanking everyone present for their work on the health and wellbeing agenda.

Physical Activity & Performance



Simon Shepard, from Optima Life, gave an engaging presentation about what we believe wellbeing to be and how much we know about some of the basic health/wellbeing measures. Simon outlined some of the benefits which can be achieved through physical activity and gave an overview of a case study from the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust. The trust implemented a touch rugby tournament and saw the physical activity scores of those involved increase significantly (based on ACSM guidelines) on a day when they were involved in a short touch rugby game.

Simon finished his presentation with a quote from Leonardo da Vinci:

‘Knowing is not enough, we must apply
Being willing is not enough, we must do’

Please click here to download a copy of Simon's slides

2012 Challenge; questionnaire findings, regional activity and opportunity

Sara, programme Manager, updated everyone on the progress with the 2012 challenge in the region. The NHS 2012 challenge aims to get 300,000 NHS Staff more physically active by the London 2012 games (2,012 staff per PCT area).

The Pedometer challenge launched on the last champions’ day had been a success with over 90 team submissions so far. The winners of the challenge will be announced at the end of April so please submit entries as soon as possible.

Sara gave the highlights from the regional 2012 physical activity questionnaire, which had over 4,500 responses. A regional report along with organisational reports will be collated and circulated before the end of April.

Some of the physical activity offers available to organisations were presented, some of which are very easy to implement. Steve and Dave from the RFL (Rugby Football League) gave a quick overview of how they can help to organise touch rugby games for staff within an organisation and what benefits increasing physical activity levels can bring to a workforce. More details of the physical activity offers available to organisations are available on our 2012 challenge pages.

Sara reminded everyone that they are able to apply for the Olympic ‘Inspired by the 2012’ mark for any activities organised and how this brings a number of benefits to organisations, including the possibility of being included in the Olympic torch relay. Please contact Sara for more information and remember to keep us updated about any physical activity events/classes taking place within your organisation. 

Click here to download Sara's slides

Water Wellpoint Health Check Kiosk

Free Health Checks from Water Wellpoint were available throughout the day.

The Staying Healthy at Work programme has the Health Check kiosk available to NHS organisations across the region for periods over the coming year.

The deadline for request forms for having the kiosk in your organisation has now passed.

Personal Governance

It was by popular demand that Susan Caranese and Mary Huett from Papworth gave an overview of the Personal Governance strategy introduced at Papworth.

The ‘Personal Governance’ framework used at Papworth is based on the premise that each person regardless of their role and position accepts and displays personal responsibility through effective actions, behaviours and competencies. When staff sign up to a contract at Papworth they are agreeing to work within the Papworth Values, Standards, Behaviours and Measures of the organisation. Mary and Susan concluded their presentation by reiterating that good management practices equate to a positive impact on health and wellbeing. 

Click here to download a copy of Susan and Mary's slides

Would you like to run a free Touch Rugby taster session for your organisation?

Click here for more information

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